Yet another rant about PayPal

It seems PayPal never changed, besides all marketing bullshit and the CEOs

Yesterday someone accessed my PayPal account (which had a pretty strong password, likely obtained by a MITM while on travel in the Balkans) and tried to buy something, sending the money as gift to someone else.

Ok, you may think, let’s raise a dispute about unauthorized access to the account and everything will be fine, right?

I raised a dispute at around 20:00, got confirmation about it at 21:10, and today in the morning… declined.

No reason for it, no explanation, nothing.
The funny part about this is that for “further dispute resolution” PayPal wants to send me to the US office, which is plainly not legal – I am EU citizen, EU resident and PayPal Europe customer (which is a _BANK_ in Europe) so why would i have to contact the US office (which is not even the owner company of PayPal Europe, that is PayPal Singapore)?

I’ve raised a complaint at both the EU commission as well as with the PayPal dispute system, so we will see what happens there, if declined i will publish more informations.

Now, here are 3 very important tips to prevent this for others (not the account part, but the dispute):
1.: ALWAYS pay by Creditcard over PayPal, NEVER use PayPal funds. In case money is sent then you can simply chargeback* at your bank and tell PayPal to get lost. (Beware: might result in account closure)
1.: NEVER keep any funds at PayPal, always transfer to a bank account ASAP.

And the best solution?
3.: Don’t use PayPal at all.

There are many alternative systems, most providers also accept Credit/Debitcards directly over well known payment interfaces (provided by banks mainly) without storing (or seeing) the CC data.
Inside the EU a banktransfer now as well only takes 1 day to process, which is a nice alternative as it is free for both parties (depends on your bank).

And then there is TransferWise – A new Payment system by the Skype creators (Estonia) with escrow and very low exchange rates, this even only takes 1-2 days to process from EU to the US or most other countries.

*= There is a VERY slim chance of a chargeback being declined by the bank, this is however very unlikely unless the seller has 100% proof of delivery of the goods to you personally
/end rant

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