Some updates about my case(s)

After the update here i will post future updates only here, mainly due to easier access to them.

Yes, i got my guns actually back after nearly 5 months by the end of April – Some ammunition (7,62x54mm R for one of my Mosin Nagants) was ironically confiscated permanently as “war ammunition (DE)“, the irony in this is mainly that i bought them entirely legal in a store in Graz along with a gun for the caliber (that i got back).
So far i got no legal problems for this ammo, even if the sale was illegal this is clearly not my fault but the stores.

I also got a fine of 250EUR for “unsafe storage” which bears the irony that the Austrian law does not define any storage requirements for long guns if no one has access to them (ยง 3. (1) WaffG 1999PDF (DE)) – The fine was also for storing ammo in plastic bags which actually was done by the Police to transport it, before the raid it was safely stored in an (unlocked) cabinet.
The police never disclosed any reason for the confiscation of my knife and the machete.

As i live alone here (when i am here at all and not in Slovenia), my girlfriend is over 18 (and holds a Slovenian firearms permit + European firearms pass) and nobody besides me has any keys to my flat this is pure bullshit and was (speculatively) done only to prevent me from getting permits for other guns in the future.
However, as i use donations only for the main case and cases like this can take a very long time to proceed i and my lawyers took no legal action against this (for now).

Now, nearly 8 months after the raid, i still got zero of my hardware back, which is unbelieveable as nothing is encrypted and it would be very easy to simply copy it – I verified that this situation is by far not normal by asking a few high-level contacts in the BMI and .BK (why i have this good contacts to them is even more ironic, but i can’t explain it at this time).
Questions regarding the status of the analysis are not sufficiently answered by the Police to neither me nor my lawyers.
From my point of view this is simply pure discrimination against me.

So, what did this do to my Tor activities?
Not much. While my 2 exits have been taken down as precaution i currently run 1000Mbit+ middle, bridge and entry nodes to continue support the network which proved to be very helpful to the network after the PRISM leak where a high influx of Tor users was seen.

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