Part #1,5

And as usual it blows up… guys (and girls) – Do not blow up what should not be blown up.

Also, a little statement regarding some chatlogs used by the public attorney against me (yes, i know they read here, that’s not new):

Yes, this logs existed – Yes, i recommended Tor to host *anything* anonymously, including child pornography – Yes, this is of course taken out of context.
No more comment required on this.

EDIT: Further this chat was facilitated mainly to gain informations about some botnets (and a specific hacking board) that i later reported to Krebsonsecurity and Zeustracker (the conversation partner is now in jail in lower Austria as well, so go figure what the info maybe brought, no idea)

EDIT2: I hereby note that the chat partner now arrested is obviously *not* Brian Krebs as reported by “the register”.. Please read my sentences completely.

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