Intel Atom: Avoton C2000 – Minor power usage, Major power – Cheap storage config

Many still suspect something like an Atom D525 or a N2600 when hearing it – Known from many Netbooks and cheap Nettops but also found it’s way into the server business (Supermicro/HP).
This is… wrong.

The new Avoton Atoms are unrelated and have a much broader usage despite the same name.

Old (2010) Intel Atom D525 (Dual core, 13W TDP) score around 700 CPUBenchmark points, a newer N2600 (Dual core, 3W TDP, scores at just 900 as well.
The Avoton C2750 scores at a massively increased 3790 making it viable to be used as KVM node or massive ZFS (10+ HDDs with deduplication) storage for example, the smaller Quadcore (C2550) should score at around 2000.

At 18W TDP this small system on a chip (SoC) (the C2750) has the same amount of (CPU cycle) power than a Xeon L5506 (3715) (60W TDP), nearly the same as a (very expensive) mobile i7-3537U (3899) (18W TDP) and still roughly half of an i7-3770 (9407) (77W TDP).

Now for good news:

ASRock announced a 2 very interesting storage boards with 12x SATA (and a PCIe x8 slot) making it possible to build cheap(er) very low power storage configs with still very high CPU power to use ZFS deduplication or cheap software RAID/non-RAID solutions (MDADM, BRTFS etc.)
The C2550D41 which features a Quadcore Avoton Chip (C2550, 4x 2.4Ghz) and the Avoton C2750 (Octcore) based C2750D4I.

This boards supports 12x SATA onboard, up to 64GB (4x16GB) ECC RAM, Dual Intel LAN ports, IPMI(!!) with dedicated LAN port and a PCIe 2.0 x8 slot – At just 279$ (Newegg).
For now, should be around 240$ later this year when availability goes up.

An enterprise grade 12+8 SATA Avoton Hot Swapable config with 16GB RAM and 2 64GB boot SSDs could look like this:

300EUR Case -> Ri-vier 4U 20bay storage chassis, MiniSAS backplane
280EUR Board -> ASRock C2550D4I Mini ITX
130EUR RAM -> 2x Kingston KVR16E11/8I 8GB
100EUR SSDs -> 2x ADATA Premier Pro SP600 64GB
110EUR HBA -> Supermicro AOC-USAS2-L8I (LSI2208 based, must be converted with 2 screws to normal component mount side)
60EUR SAS Cables -> 3x reverse breakout cable (Board to Case)
60EUR PSU -> FSP Fortron/Source Aurum S 400W
1040EUR without HDDs

Add 18x 100EUR Seagate SV35 3TB HDDs and the entire 45TB RAIDZ3 (3 parity drives, yes i know this config is not recommended but it works fine) costs just 3840EUR in 4U with a server board, ECC RAM, server grade HBA and a nice quadcore CPU.

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