Links #001 – ISOs/Free download content – “cheap” 24bay hotswap 4U case – Mailserver distribution based on Debian 7, looks promising but failed in my test – Office (NAS, gateway, proxy etc.) appliance with panel, works nicely – PXE appliance for linux and even windows installs easily

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Intel Atom: Avoton C2000 – Minor power usage, Major power – Cheap storage config

Many still suspect something like an Atom D525 or a N2600 when hearing it – Known from many Netbooks and cheap Nettops but also found it’s way into the server business (Supermicro/HP). This is… wrong. The new Avoton Atoms are unrelated and have a much broader usage despite the same name. Old (2010) Intel Atom D525 (Dual core, 13W TDP) score around 700 CPUBenchmark points, a newer N2600 (Dual core, 3W TDP, scores at just 900 as well. The Avoton C2750 scores at a massively increased 3790 making it viable to be used as KVM node or massive ZFS (10+…

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Gun/Carry and Knive laws in Austria

(I wrote this some time ago for a blog that requested it, but they ignored me later, so now here) Let me start with saying that the gun/weapon laws in Austria are pretty relaxed compared to most of the EU still. I am not a lawyer and this is no legal advice, i do not guarantee that all is correct however i ensure you i tried my best to compile and verify it. Although not guns i decided to include knives as well in this article as the Austrian law is different than in most EU countries as well, both…