Rant: IPv6 in 2013 – Hosting Providers/Datacenters

Lets rant about IPv6 a bit? Might be more articles in future. IPv6 is easy to setup if you have BGP or your upstream is willing to cooperate in any imaginable way (static routed, bgp default, bgp full). If you don’t have upstream on Layer2 direct you don’t deserve to host anything for anyone. No excuse. Elementary: Your switching has no IPv6 support? Nobody runs this still, if you do then you don’t deserve it to host anything for anyone. Buy new switches. NOW. 24x1GE/2SFP – HP 1910-24 – 150EUR with VAT 48x1GE/4SFP – D-Link DGS-1210-52 – 250EUR with VAT…

ZFS automatic hourly snapshot & mount script

This script creates a snapshot each hour and mounts it to a specified directory, providing easy read-only access to backup data, i found the need to write one due to the functionality issues in zfs-auto-snapshot and no mounting ability. Don’t forget to edit before usage. wget https://rdns.im/ul/zfs-snapshot-hourly.sh -O /usr/sbin/zfs-snapshot-hourly && nano /usr/sbin/zfs-snapshot-hourly && chmod +x /usr/sbin/zfs-snapshot-hourly